The Power of Mental Health and Writing With Disabilities

The Power of Mental Health and Writing With Disabilities

Mental health and writing are my passion. I know what it’s like to suffer alone. I created this blog so you don’t have to suffer alone. I also share the ups and downs of my writing journey with you. 

What Will I Share?

  • Personal experiences
  • Writing experiences
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Fictional mental health short stories
  • How to help others with mental illness
  • Occasional book/song reviews related to mental illness or writing
Mother with kids watching movie
Mother with kids watching movie
Mother with son at beach
Mother with son at beach


About A.F. Widener:

A.F. Widener’s debut novel, The Daughter of Lilith, is the first book in The Lilith Trilogy. In this gothic horror fantasy series, a woman must rescue her mother and stop The Mad King’s rule over humanity or become the true evil. Her blog, Phoenix Rising, focuses on mental health issues and her writing journey. A senior at SNHU, she will graduate in 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing. In her spare moments, she cuddles with her dog, Arco, spends time with family, and reads. In addition, she eagerly dives into the depths of Japanese language learning and explores the realms of true crime and horror.


I reveal updates when I publish new blog posts. I post content weekly, with social media updates when necessary. Stay updated by following Facebook and X.

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