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Holiday Shopping
Impulses of any kind need to be remedied and treated. This blog will cover ways to do it around the holidays. I am doing the holidays, when the big deals come out, all the savings, the coupons, the must-haves. Yeah. We need to put those down and go back home. No, don’t go to the clearance section. Home. Go home.
WIPs Update (Book Update)
Today’s blog post will be about the progress of my short stories. I started with just one, The Desecration of Lilith. This short story precedes my Lilith Trilogy, the novel series I am working on. By going to a University for creative writing, I am also writing more short stories. So, I am happy to […]
Trauma Responses
Let’s talk about responses to trauma, such as flight or fight. These may be the ones that nearly everyone in mental health is aware of, but did you know that there are four and some form hybrids? Learning your triggers can help you identify your trauma and move through it more easily.  I learned about […]
Mental illness has often been controversial because these illnesses are not truly visible. Your limbs are attached, and there are no marks to signify the problem area, but the problem is still there. It has always been. And because of the stigmatism, this makes it hard to take even ourselves seriously or causes anger. When […]
Let’s Get Funky
Hello lovely readers, and thank you for patiently waiting for my next post in my long unforeseen absence. I plan to post more regular content from here forth. This is the perfect post to discuss being in a funk, as over the last month or so, it is what I have felt. So, some of […]
Feel It, Don’t Live in it.
Can other mediums further affect or release your mood? Does music, movies, books, food, writing, and conversations make it worse or better? Outside factors can affect our mentality in both positive and negative ways. Have you ever been told it was okay to feel your emotions but not live in them? This is the part […]
Citizen Soldier and Suicide ( ; )
This is not an easy subject at all but bear with me. How many times have you not been okay, felt alone in a crowded room? Have these thoughts ever centered on something more severe? More detrimental? Today we will touch on a very sensitive and controversial subject. Suicide. If this is a subject you […]
The Slippery Devil: Mental Health An Introduction
You are probably wondering why you are here. Why does this blog matter to you? This blog is for you, about you! It is your safe place for Mental health and acceptance. So, I would like to start with an introduction and what content and topics to expect. First, this will revolve around mental health; […]
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