WIPs Update (Book Update)

Today’s blog post will be about the progress of my short stories. I started with just one, The Desecration of Lilith. This short story precedes my Lilith Trilogy, the novel series I am working on. By going to a University for creative writing, I am also writing more short stories. So, I am happy to announce that there will be another short story, Running Dry, on its way to my site. I hope to keep my short stories available for free through a newsletter sign-up once I set this up.

The release dates of both are pending. I am working on getting my newsletter up and running. I hope to have them up and running in 2023 on this site through the newsletter. If you subscribe, you will get updates every time a blog post is up or I make any other updates. I am excited to share my work with you. These are stories you will not want to miss. This gives you an inside look at my writing.

Here I will describe the two different stories to you. Keep this in mind. My blog is primarily for mental health, but my fiction work is dark fantasy/horror. So here is the trigger warning. In both short stories, there will be blood and gore in graphic detail. Proceed at your discretion.

*Please note that though the process may seem simple and fast, these things can take time, and there will be more updates as time passes.

The Desecration of Lilith

Lilith has a mortal lover, which does not bode well for the couple. Lilith’s husband, Lucifer, is after them for the taboo of lying with a human and conceiving a child. It is up to Lilith to save her daughter and her lover, Xavianna before Lucifer finds them.

This is the background of Lilith and her human wife Xavianna, who conceived her daughter Aria in the first novel in the Trilogy.


  • I am working on the final round of edits, beta readings, and critique readings.
  • The next step is professional editing.

Running Dry

As vampires gorged themselves on humans, the population of both dwindled. Now it is up to Demetrie, the prince and heir to the throne of the kingdom of vampires, to save his kind from starving before they become extinct. One thing is for sure Demetrie will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


  • I am working on the edits of the first draft now, and it will be sent in for critique soon.
  • After that, I will work on the second draft and edits.

The Daughter of Lilith

Aria, finding out she is Lilith’s daughter, must now save her mother from the Mad king Axel, while dealing with her lineage. The Mad King has taken Lilith to siphon her power, making him a formidable foe. To save Lilith, she must train to fight The Mad King before he takes over mankind and rules the world, allowing the Demonians to reign free on Earth’s surface and eliminate humanity.


  • 3rd draft
  • Self-editing (for the thousandth time)
  • Getting ready to send to a professional editor
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