Other Works in progress

Running Dry (Short Story)

As the populations of both humans and vampires dwindle in a world facing their potential demise. Demetrie bears the responsibility of saving both races from extinction. Can Demetrie come up with a plan to prevent the impending extinction or if his actions will only hasten their demise.

  • STAGE: Drafting
  • Progress: 50%

The Wraith in You (Short Story)

After a move to a new house Billy encounters a new friend and a haunting secret that could rip apart the new town he has come to like. Will the Wraith in his house take control of Billy or will Billy be able to save his town and new friend before it is too late

  • STAGE: Drafting
  • Progress: 75%

The Daughter of Lilith  (Main work in progress)

(Book One of The Lilith Trilogy)

After a tragic car accident Kassandra’s life took a dark turn as she unlocks her hidden Demonian identity and learns of the shocking prophecy of her being the daughter of Lilith. She must navigate her new identity and control her powers to protect the world from The Mad King. His rise to power follows Lilith’s disappearance, setting the stage for his dominion over humanity. With the help of her newfound friends, will she be able to conquer the true evil or become it?

  • STAGE: Editing and Revision
  • Progress 45%

       Characters: The Daughter of lilith


 "I will never apologize for loving Xavianna as I do” Lilith spoke without remorse for her crime.


 Eric’s face turned to horror as he placed his hand on the wheel mid scream. Arella turned to look at the snowy abyss to see the source of his terror only to be hit by a spray of glace a shard of wood broke through the window shield and impaled her shoulder, pinning her to the seat.


“You had one job, just one.” Lucifer snarled as he reached out and clasped one of the two demonian guards before him. With a loud crunch Lucifer crushed his neck in his hand and threw him to the side like a rag doll. 

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