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Running Dry (Short Story)

As the populations of both humans and vampires dwindle in a world facing their potential demise. Demetrie bears the responsibility of saving both races from extinction, as the coexistence of vampires and humans is imperative. Vampires require humans to survive, and humans require vampires to prevent overpopulation. The question at hand is whether Demetrie can come up with a plan to prevent the impending extinction or if his actions will only hasten their demise.

  • STAGE: Drafting
  • Progress: 25%

Vamparents (Short Story)

After Scarletta saves a human child from suicide in a moment of weakness, she leaves the child to doctors in the hospital that night. However, she finds it difficult to stay away from the child and her thoughts constantly drift back to her. She takes on the role of the little girl’s silent protector, always keeping a watchful eye on her and making sure she is safe from harm. But despite all of her best efforts, tragedy strikes once again. The girl is assaulted once more, and in the aftermath, she tries to take her own life. Scarletta now faces the choice of saving the child again, this time with immortality, or hoping the doctors can save the human child she watched grow from afar. Scarletta’s decision may affect her for eternity.

  • STAGE: Drafting
  • Progress: 10%

The Daughter of Lilith  

(Book One of The Lilith Trilogy)

Lilith has disappeared and a tyrant King Axel now rules the Demonians on Earth. Arella finds out she is not just a Demonian but Lilith’s daughter. A whirlwind of discovering who she is follows her as she heads down the path to King Axel. Will she join his ranks and rule Earth, or will Arella save her mother and calm the destruction Axel has caused before it is too late?

  • STAGE: Editing and Beta's
  • Progress 35%

       Characters: The Daughter of lilith


 "I will never apologize for loving Xavianna as I do” Lilith spoke without remorse for her crime.


 Eric’s face turned to horror as he placed his hand on the wheel mid scream. Arella turned to look at the snowy abyss to see the source of his terror only to be hit by a spray of glace a shard of wood broke through the window shield and impaled her shoulder, pinning her to the seat.


“You had one job, just one.” Lucifer snarled as he reached out and clasped one of the two demonian guards before him. With a loud crunch Lucifer crushed his neck in his hand and threw him to the side like a rag doll. 

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