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A.F. Widener dedicates herself to reading and advocating for mental health. She has a personal connection to this cause due to her own traumatic experiences. Reading various topics and genres has given her a valuable understanding of mental illness and fiction. Her passion for reading, writing, and mental health has been a driving force in her life, motivating her to make a positive difference in the world. Despite facing her own mental illnesses, such as C-PTSD, Autism, depression, and BPD, she has gained valuable experience and knowledge to share her experiences and make a positive impact on the lives of others. A.F. Widener hopes that people will become comfortable discussing it openly by providing them with hope and support.

Mental health is a natural part of life and should not be taboo or wrong. This blog will feature posts about mental health and document A.F. Widener’s writing journey.

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Managing Emotions: Coping Techniques for People with Autism and Borderline Personality Disorder
It’s important to have various coping mechanisms for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. By taking care of yourself and your emotional needs, you can improve your overall well-being and feel more resilient in life’s challenges.
Book Review: The Trials of Ashmount
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest (Author’s Note: I am keeping this spoiler free, so there are many details that I have hidden to keep from giving away the plot or ending.) Series: Tragedy of Cedian (book 1) Indie author, John Palladino My rating 4.8 John Palladino’s debut novel, The Trials of […]
Holiday Shopping
Impulses of any kind need to be remedied and treated. This blog will cover ways to do it around the holidays. I am doing the holidays, when the big deals come out, all the savings, the coupons, the must-haves. Yeah. We need to put those down and go back home. No, don’t go to the clearance section. Home. Go home.
Trauma Responses
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest Let’s talk about responses to trauma, such as flight or fight. These may be the ones that nearly everyone in mental health is aware of, but did you know that there are four and some form hybrids? Learning your triggers can help you identify your trauma […]
WIPs Update (Book Update)
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest Today’s blog post will be about the progress of my short stories. I started with just one, The Desecration of Lilith. This short story precedes my Lilith Trilogy, the novel series I am working on. By going to a University for creative writing, I am also […]
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