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A.F. Widener dedicates herself to reading and advocating for mental health. She has a personal connection to this cause due to her own traumatic experiences. Reading various topics and genres has given her a valuable understanding of mental illness and fiction. Her passion for reading, writing, and mental health has been a driving force in her life, motivating her to make a positive difference in the world. Despite facing her own mental illnesses, such as C-PTSD, Autism, depression, and BPD, she has gained valuable experience and knowledge to share her experiences and make a positive impact on the lives of others. A.F. Widener hopes that people will become comfortable discussing it openly by providing them with hope and support.

Mental health is a natural part of life and should not be taboo or wrong. This blog will feature posts about mental health and document A.F. Widener’s writing journey.

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Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest Mental illness has often been controversial because these illnesses are not truly visible. Your limbs are attached, and there are no marks to signify the problem area, but the problem is still there. It has always been. And because of the stigmatism, this makes it hard […]
Let’s Get Funky
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest Hello lovely readers, and thank you for patiently waiting for my next post in my long unforeseen absence. I plan to post more regular content from here forth. This is the perfect post to discuss being in a funk, as over the last month or so, […]
Feel It, Don’t Live in it.
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest Can other mediums further affect or release your mood? Does music, movies, books, food, writing, and conversations make it worse or better? Outside factors can affect our mentality in both positive and negative ways. Have you ever been told it was okay to feel your emotions […]
Citizen Soldier and Suicide ( ; )
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest This is not an easy subject at all but bear with me. How many times have you not been okay, felt alone in a crowded room? Have these thoughts ever centered on something more severe? More detrimental? Today we will touch on a very sensitive and […]
Where is the Book Already? (Writing/Book Updates)
Follow us on Social Media x facebook instagram pinterest I welcome YOU to my website and blog! I am so happy you are here! Chances are that you are here because you are interested in my writing. Well, you have come to the right place. Let me provide a warning. My books are not for […]
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